WHAT ARE SQZ Shot Flavors?

Here at SQZ Shot Flavors.. the idea is simple: to provide a drinking experience that is fun, original and most importantly convenient!! There are tons of other mixes out there, but they all come in large, cumbersome bottles and the flavors are mostly identical. We felt the world needed a product that could help entertain, while being totally different from anything else on the market. Now anyone can be a bartender at the next party.

Our product is the first portable, liquid shot concentrate that is designed to be mixed with your favorite liquor. We take a popular recipe and re-create the same flavors in a one stop squirt bottle that’s perfect for BBQ’s, parties, tailgating, pools, beaches, boating, or a night out with friends.

SQZ Shot Flavors are now available throughout West Tennessee at these stores.

Just 'SQZ'
Shake and Serve!