SQZ Shot Flavors are now available in the following stores in West Tennessee:


Bud & Hals Liquor Store
4128 Plaza Drive
Memphis, TN


Covington Liquor Store
735 Highway 51 North
Covington, TN


Murry’s Discount Liquors
335 South Pickwick St
Savannah, TN


Buster’s Liquor Store
191 So Highland
Memphis, TN


Majestic Wine And Liquor
3705 Malco Way Suite #106
Memphis, TN


CC Liquors
6841 Highway 70
Memphis, TN


Bartlett Wine & Spirits
105 Madison Avenue
Bartlett, TN


Cheers Liquors
366 New Byhalia #3
Collierville, TN


The Bottle Shop
3933 Park Avenue
Memphis, TN


Spirit Shoppe
4848 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN


Johnny’s East End Liquor
680 E Church St
Lexington, TN


Cornerstone Wine & Spirits
600 E Church Street
Lexington, TN


Bursi Liquor Store
2306 Lamar Avenue
Memphis, TN


Blue Four Package Store
1886 Winchester Road
Memphis, TN


Caesar’s Wine & Liquors
9959 Highway 64
Memphis, TN


Cedar Chest Liquor Store
1615 Wayne Road
Savannah, TN


Charlie’s Wine & Spirits
2570 Kirby-Whitten Rd
Memphis, TN


City Liquors
2450 Lake Road Suite H
Dyersburg, TN


Tee Jay’s Liquor Store
3085 Summer Avenue
Memphis, TN


D & F Hilltop Liquor
3277 Kirby Parkway
Memphis, TN


Discount Liquors & Wines
309 Highway 51 North
Covington, TN


Five Star Liquor & Wine
2821 N Houston Levee
Memphis, TN


Fox Meadows Liquors
3215 S Mendenhall
Memphis, TN


Gagliano Liquor Store
1237 Getwell Road
Memphis, TN


Germantown Village Wines & Liquor
7730 Poplar Avenue #5
Germantown, TN


Gordin’s Wine And Liquor
1781 Prescott Suite 101
Memphis, TN


Happy Liquor And Wine
1674 Whitten Rd Suite 101
Memphis, TN


Heart Of Frayser
3429 N Watkins
Memphis, TN


Total Package
151 West 77 Hwy
Newbern, TN


Azor’s Liquors
1433 Jackson Avenue
Memphis, TN


Uncorked Wine And Spirits
156 South Dupree
Brownsville, TN


Lottie’s Liquor Store
940 E H Crump Blvd
Memphis, TN


Lou’s Liquor Inc
2398 Park Avenue
Memphis, TN


Lucky Liquors
1938 St John Avenue
Dyersburg, TN


Brown Jug
2375 Summer Ave.
Memphis, TN


Amco Liquors
2141 Sycamore View
Memphis, TN


Wilkinson’s Liquors
146 Hwy 72 East
Collierville, TN


A1 Liquor
3450 Winchester Rd
Memphis, TN


Natalie’s Warehouse
1009 N Germantown Pkwy
Memphis, TN


Pickwick Package Store
360 Pickwick St
Savannah, TN


Poplar Pike Wines
9329 Hwy 72 Suite 1
Germantown, TN


Poplar Wine And Spirits
2136 Poplar Suite 111
Collierville, TN


Raleigh Liquor Store
3503 Raleigh Millingto
Memphis, TN


Range Line Liquor Store
3550 N Hollywood
Memphis, TN


Washington St Wine & Liquor
282 S Washington St
Ripley, TN


Robert’s Package Store
3035 East End Drive
Humboldt, TN


Sixty-Four Liquor Store
775 Wayne Road
Savannah, TN


Vescovo’s Arlington Liquors LLC
11949 Hwy 70
Arlington, TN


Kirby Liquors
2865 Kirby Parkway
Memphis, TN


Spirits Of Atoka
11454 Hwy 51
Atoka, TN


Spirits Of Timber Creek
6 Timber Creek Drive
Memphis, TN


Skyview Liquors
2600 James Road
Memphis, TN


Lauderdale Liquors
1502 S Lauderdale
Memphis, TN


Rex Liquor Store
1026 Jackson Avenue
Memphis, TN


Coda Liquor Store
4707 So Third Hgwy 61
Memphis, TN


I-40 Liquors
6153 Macon Road
Memphis, TN


Waynes Wine & Spirits
8485 Hwy 64 Ste #103
Memphis, TN


Wine & Spirits Shop
1711 East Holmes Road
Memphis, TN


Thanks for helping everyone get a little SQZ!