Q: How do I use it?
A: Simply add SQZ Shot Flavors directly to liquor. Shake over ice and pour into shot glasses. Enjoy shots in seconds! Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert bartender to make shots for everyone!

Q: How many shots do I get from one bottle of SQZ Shot Flavors?
A: The number of shots will vary depending on the amount of flavoring used for each shot. Remember, the amount of flavoring you add is completely up to you. So every round of shots can be completely personalized to your taste. Just try a little at first and if it’s not enough, simply add more! Just keep in mind, the more flavoring you add, the less servings you will get from each bottle.

Q: What do I need to make shots?
A: All you need is a bottle of SQZ Shot Flavors, liquor and ice. That’s it! Just ‘SQZ’, shake and pour.

Q: Do SQZ Shot Flavors need to be refrigerated after opening?
A: No, they do not need to be refrigerated, but they do need to be used within 30 days.

Q: Does it contain alcohol?
A: No, SQZ Shot Flavors are a non-alcoholic concentrate.

Q: Can I make cocktails as well?
A: SQZ Shot Flavors are specifically designed to make shots, but can be used to enhance the flavors of cocktails.

Q: Is the product all-natural?
A: SQZ Shot Flavors are made from natural and artificial fruit flavors.